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Redefining manufacturing innovation. Right here in Nebraska.

With nearly 200 employees in Nebraska and plans for major expansion in Hallam, Monolith’s groundbreaking technology is leading the country’s decarbonization efforts from the heart of the Cornhusker State.

Monolith’s advanced manufacturing provides great jobs while creating the next generation of American made products, reducing the need to import materials used to make everyday products.


Monolith’s cutting-edge technology uses the pyrolysis process to create clean hydrogen and carbon black.

The hydrogen created by this process at OC1 and OC2 will be used to create sustainably made ammonia, a critical fertilizer for agriculture.

The clean carbon black, which traditionally is produced in a carbon-intense manner, is used to create everyday products like rubbers and plastics and makes up 1/3 of every vehicle tire on the road.

How does sustainably-made carbon black touch your everyday life?
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A year of growth and progress — with more on the way.
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Monolith made significant progress and grew our Nebraska footprint.

Monolith filled 62 jobs in the state in 2023, and grew our Nebraska workforce by 11 percent.

Monolith jobs represent high-paying, next-generation careers that help build thriving communities.

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Monolith opened the Hallam Main Street Office.

Following years of regularly scheduled town hall meetings (since 2016) and active participation and sponsorship of community events, Monolith took the next step in community engagement

by opening an office on Main Street in Hallam. During the April 2023 ribbon-cutting ceremony, Monolith leadership proclaimed to the residents of Hallam, “It might say Monolith on the door,

but this is your office. It’s here for you.”

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Monolith produced more than 1,300 tons of clean carbon black in Nebraska, shipped to customers across North America.

Represents enough carbon black to make hundreds of thousands of tires.

Monolith leased an additional 25,000 sqft warehouse in South Lincoln to store our products.

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Monolith announced a groundbreaking deal with Goodyear, one of the world’s largest tire producers.

Through this partnership, Goodyear created the first ever tire using sustainably made carbon black.

Interest in Monolith’s Nebraska operations grew significantly, paving the way to more growth and economic development.

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Monolith increased efforts in training tomorrow’s workforce in Nebraska.

Veterans – Monolith actively recruits military veterans through our partnership with the American Jobs Center in Lincoln; currently, 11 percent of Monolith’s workforce are veterans, with a retention rate of more than 90 percent. We also offer veterans appreciation and success programs once they are hired.

Interns – We provided scholarships and internships for students enrolled in the Energy Generation Program at Southeast Community College, helping ensure that Nebraska students are connected to jobs right here at home.

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Growing Monolith. Growing Nebraska.

Monolith will invest over $1 billion constructing its Olive Creek 2 expansion north of Hallam, NE. The expansion will create over 700 (direct and indirect) jobs for Nebraskans while supplying Nebraska ag producers with domestically produced, cleanly-made ammonia for fertilizer.

2023 was a great year for operations in Nebraska, and we’re just getting started with more expansion and opportunities for the state.