The Hydrogen To Power a Green World

2050.  The deadline the world has set to save itself. The deadline for a decarbonized planet. How will we get there?  There won’t be just one energy source that gives the answer. But there will be just one that holds the key. Clean hydrogen from Monolith.

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Monolith is the leader in the carbon-free hydrogen that will provide the high-energy needs of a changing world — but at the affordable cost the world needs to make it work.
Zero Emissions

We’ve made methane pyrolysis work on a commercial scale, cracking the code on cost-effective, clean hydrogen. Using 100% renewable electricity, methane pyrolysis breaks down abundant natural gas into pure hydrogen and carbon – with no release of CO2. Soon, we will be using renewable natural gas as the feedstock, making our process carbon negative.

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Using methane pyrolysis, Monolith is now the largest producer of clean hydrogen and operates the largest facility of its kind in the world.

We manufacture affordable clean hydrogen at a commercial scale today


Our processes use 100% renewable electricity


When bio-methane is used, our processes are carbon-negative

green hydrogen particle green hydrogen particle
carbon black particle carbon black particle
clean ammonia particle clean ammonia  particle

From our innovative methane pyrolysis process, Monolith makes pure, clean hydrogen and carbon. We then turn that carbon into high-value carbon blacks, while also using our hydrogen to make clean ammonia.

At Monolith, we’re building the world’s leading renewable hydrogen and clean materials company.

Monolith is the only producer of cost-effective, commercially viable clean hydrogen and cleanly made carbon blacks today.

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