Monolith Featured on My Collective Journey (MCJ) Podcast

Monolith Featured on My Collective Journey (MCJ) Podcast

February 7th, 2022

My Collective Journey's (MCJ), Jason Jacobs, spoke with Jigar Shah, director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office, and Rob Hanson, CEO of Monolith, to discuss Monolith's recent $1B loan from the DOE's Loan Programs Office.

Rob provides us with an overview of Monolith, key phases of the company thus far, and the motivations for seeking public funding. Jigar explains his role at the LPO, why traditional VCs aren't built for early-stage climatetech, and how the private and public sectors can address climate change. We also discuss the government's role in the carbon-free future, how to re-align incentives for traditional funders, and advice Rob and Jigar have for entrepreneurs in the climate space.

Listen to the podcast here.

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