Powering The Energy Transition With Cost-Effective, Carbon-Zero Hydrogen

The energy transition to a decarbonized world by 2050 will require high-energy, low-emission solutions working alongside the traditional renewables of wind, solar and battery storage. The key to meeting the world’s energy needs, while reducing atmospheric CO2, is carbon-zero, cost-effective hydrogen. Hydrogen offers the energy density for use in trucking, aviation and industry. As the clear leader of this transition, Monolith is producing commercially viable, affordable, Clean Hydrogen today. And, as renewable natural gas becomes more and more available, Monolith will be producing carbon-negative hydrogen.

Hydrogen is key to the energy transition.

impact chart

Potential Impact

Through our Clean Hydrogen and other cleanly produced materials, such as clean carbon black and green ammonia, Monolith provides the carbon-free, environmental solution for more than 85% of the highest greenhouse gas-emitting markets.

impact chart

Monolith solution addresses >85% CO2 of the highest emitting end markets.