Carbon Black
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Carbon black is an essential material found in countless everyday products, including  tires, rubber goods, inks and plastics. The conventional process to create carbon black releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Through Monolith’s methane pyrolysis technology, we create cleanly made, environmentally sustainable carbon black — preventing 2.3 tons of CO2 from being released for every ton of carbon black produced.

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For manufacturers, our carbon blacks offer performance that is the same or better than traditionally made carbon black, and provide surface area and structure combinations that give the versatility to engineer compounds to their specific requirements across industries. Even more importantly, Monolith carbon black enables manufacturers to meet their sustainability goals and address customer demands for environmentally responsible products. With a low impact on the planet, our sustainable carbon blacks give customers a new environmental story to tell.

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For every ton of carbon black produced, Monolith reduces CO2 emissions by roughly 2 tons.