Process Comparison

Through methane pyrolysis, Monolith provides the only affordable, carbon-zero hydrogen production solution. As the clear leader at the forefront of the energy transition to a decarbonized world, Monolith is producing commercially viable, cost-effective Clean Hydrogen today.

Comparison of carbon intensity of SMR, Electrolysis and Pyrolysis

At Monolith, we believe that carbon intensity, and not the manufacturing process, is the best measure of environmental impact. Here’s how Monolith measures up using both traditional and renewable natural gas as feedstock.

Steam Methane Reforming (SMR)

High CO2. Low Cost.

While affordable, SMR releases 11 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere for every 1 ton of hydrogen produced.


High Cost. Low CO2

Electrolysis is low emission but uses 7x the electricity of methane pyrolysis.


Low Cost. Low CO2

Pyrolysis is cost-effective, clean and requires less water and land usage.